Is Physical therapy good for people with osteoarthritis?

by apts2016, October 13, 2022

As you are well aware, one of our primary objectives is to see to it that you are fully knowledgeable about the most recent advancements in physical therapy research and practice. Because of this event’s significance, we have concluded that it would be appropriate to devote a piece to osteoarthritis, a form of rheumatoid arthritis that impacts a sizeable percentage of the overall population.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that can lead to the development of symptoms such as joint pain or a reduction in the functionality of the joints, both of which contribute to a decline in overall quality of life. Symptoms of osteoarthritis include joint pain and a reduction in the functionality of the joints. But why exactly does it happen in the first place? The most common causes are getting older, being overweight, having a history of the ailment in one’s family, and indulging in vigorous physical activity. As a consequence, we can see that although some elements, such as heredity, are impossible to modify, we do have influence over others, such as whether or not we are overweight or our muscles have aged. It is possible to visit a physiotherapist for reasons that are not related to an injury, as we have discussed in the past. There is a range of reasons that could prompt such a visit.


There are several scenarios in which people who are not knowledgeable on the topic may recommend that you get some rest to alleviate the pain. One of these scenarios is when you have an injury or illness. This advice is commonly given incorrectly, and for a good reason: inactivity worsens osteoarthritis symptoms over time. Regular exercise will make us feel better overall and lessen the discomfort we experience; nevertheless, it is important to avoid exercising to the point of exhaustion.

Physical therapy techniques to treat osteoarthritis

Early diagnosis and treatment at a specialist’s office can slow the progression of osteoarthritis. They will propose one form of physical therapy or another for us to try depending on the symptoms that we are experiencing.

  • Thermotherapy techniques, in general, include the one known as capacitive diathermy. It is utilized by physiotherapists to heat muscular tissue in a manner that alleviates discomfort, relaxes the muscle, and improves circulation, among other benefits. It is consistently used by top sportsmen, contributing to the phenomenon’s increased visibility among the general population.
  • Aerobic exercise or strength training. Exercise of the quadriceps is recommended for patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee. Up to a twenty percent reduction in pain is possible with these kinds of activities. Swimming, cycling, and walking are all examples of sports that, when practiced, produce advantages that are analogous to those obtained from aerobic physical activity. However, combining the two different kinds of physical activity is not encouraged.
  • Manual treatment for situations in which it is required to relax the muscles that are being impacted.

  • Relaxation techniques.
  • A certain program of therapeutic exercises or another will be designed for the patient, depending on the symptoms and limits the patient is experiencing.
  • Adjustment of body position to prevent the symptoms from becoming even worse.


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